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3000 MILES | 2 MEDICS | 1 BOAT

Emergensea Duo

From A&E to the sea The Emergensea Duo are a pair of NHS Emergency Medicine doctors hanging up their scrubs 

to take on the Atlantic, raising money for frontline medical charities

the Race 2021

Dubbed the "Worlds toughest rowing race" the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is a gruelling 3000 mile unaided ocean row across the Atlantic from La Gomera to Antigua


Charlie’s dream to row the Atlantic formed whilst she was on a polar expedition in Norway, camping under the Northern lights in -20°C. Whether this was due to mild hypothermia we shall never know, but her next challenge was already on the horizon! She founded the Emergensea Girls with close friend and colleague, Rosie, aiming to race in December 2020 but then COVID-19 hit. Work and personal circumstances changed forcing her partner to step down and hand over the oars to Adam and team Emergensea Duo was born. 


This adventurous couple are aiming to set a new mixed pair world record, raise money for frontline medical charities and promote equal participation in ultra-endurance events.

With their minds and bodies already adapted to stress and sleep deprivation they wanted to venture to the edge of their limits, to truly see how far they can go. In doing so they hope to empower others to aspire to seemingly unattainable goals. 


Skipper, wife and mastermind behind the Emergensea Duo's record breaking attempt across the Atlantic. Former Royal Naval Reservist, Charlie is a lover of all things Vitamin Sea; happiest on, in or under the water. By day (mostly nights!) Charlie is an Emergency Medicine doctor in Devon, a Research Fellow with the University of Exeter and a Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine Fellow with the Devon Air Ambulance. Her MSc in Extreme Medicine focussed on a specialist interest in physiological and psychological differences between males and females in ultra-endurance events. This will see her using both herself and Adam as a human guinea-pigs during the row to gather more data in this area.


First mate and husband Adam was itching for another adventure, having been rafting and hiking through the Costa Rican Jungle on a research expedition. He is no stranger to endurance having completed an Ironman 70.3, and thrives on stepping out of his comfort zone. By day Adam is also an Emergency Medicine doctor in Devon, a Research Fellow with the University of Exeter and a Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine Fellow with Devon Air Ambulance. He is finishing an MSc in Extreme Medicine with a specialist interest in the prevention of heat illness. Entering this race was the most extreme way Adam could guarantee spending Christmas with Charlie having worked for the last six. Here's to the adventure of a lifetime; in (sea)sickness, health and rowing the Atlantic.


In December 2021 Adam and Charlie will depart from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, rowing around 1.5 million strokes, battling 30 ft waves and burning in excess of 5000 calories per day to reach the finish line at English Harbour in Antigua. They will face huge mental and physical challenges whilst competing against 30 international teams with their sights set on breaking the mixed pair record of 43 days, 15 hours and 23 minutes.

Million oar strokes
Calories burnt per day
Litres of water per day

Utilising their tolerance of gruelling shift work the pair will alternate shifts rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 24/7 whilst battling the elements.

They will take 60 calories per kg for each day, but food will be hard to stomach with seasickness and adjustments to cold ration pack meals.

Keeping hydrated is essential to maintain performance. The race is unsupported so the boat carries a water maker that desalinates sea water. 


Partnering with the Emergensea Duo for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is an opportunity that exceeds visibility. It is a unique opportunity to work with two highly motivated, passionate and dedicated medics who are ready to give their all to this challenge to yield the highest return on investment for our corporate sponsors. Get ready to become part of something extraordinary.

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"The cure for anything is saltwater - sweat, tears, or the sea"
Isak Dinesen


Devon Air Ambulance Trust

When every second counts, getting specialist critical care skills to the scene is paramount. The beautiful Devon coastlines and rural wilderness enjoyed by both locals and tourists can present a significant challenge in getting to an emergency. The charity's two emergency helicopters deliver expert critical care to patients wherever they may be. In addition, the charity have recently added a Critical Care Car to the fleet which delivers rapid support by road and can operate when the weather prevents the aircraft from flying. ​ Adam and Charlie have both had the pleasure of working alongside the Devon Air Ambulance team this year and have seen first hand the amazing work they do supporting the community. Their lessons learnt from observing decision making in stressful and austere environments will be fundamental on the row.


RNLI Lifeboats provide a 24/7 search and rescue service to protect the coastline. In Devon the coast plays an integral part in our daily lives - as a place of work, leisure or training! However, the sea can change in an instant and when that happens, it is volunteers who are there to save the day. There are on average 26 launches a day, assisting over 8000 people a year. Embarking on this challenge involves logging many hours at sea and we will remain very aware of the unpredictability of the ocean and the respect crossing the Atlantic demands.


Charlie and Adam have selected Mind as one of their charities, having seen first hand the huge impact the current pandemic has had on mental health nationally. 60% of adults and 68% of young people are struggling with their mental health. Covid-19 has had a heavy toll on the mental health of many healthcare workers with recent figures suggesting around half of doctors have emotional distress with high levels of anxiety. Mind are providing fantastic access to mental health support to both individuals and workplaces but are facing significant funding challenges, given that normal fundraising events are understandably cancelled. We are honoured to be able to give back to such a worthy cause.

RD&E Charity

The Royal Devon & Exeter Charity provides services to thousands of patients every year that the NHS is unable to offer. This includes over 120 different funds supporting individual wards, departments or patient groups. We see first hand the benefits that this holistic charity has for our patients. Adam and Charlie have spent the last three and a half years working in the RD&E Emergency Department and the row presents a fantastic opportunity to support the hospital in delivering great care to patients during these challenging times. Hospitals can be a very frightening place for children, especially with everyone wearing masks; the charities current appeal is aiming to raise £450,000 to create a dedicated warm, bright and engaging space for the children and families who use our children’s services and outpatient waiting areas.

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